Regenerative Culture

We want to have a regenerative rebellion that is resilient and robust and which can support us all through the changes we must inevitably face together. It is how we move towards a practice and demonstration of the change we want to deeply experience in this and all society.

What is regenerative culture?

Regenerate yourself

This document contains basic introduction to grasp the concept of regenerative culture.

Regen 101

This comprehensive booklet produced by XR Australia provides a thorough understanding of Regenerative Culture.

Video explaining regenerative culture

A 4 min video produced by XR UK describing what Regen means in detail.

XR regenerative cultures website

Website to showcase the regenerative cultures that we as extinction rebellion want to create

Regenerative culture in actions

Regenerative action cycle

A brief visualization how regenerative culture must be integrated in every XR action.

Regen before, during and after actions.

2-page document explaining how to embed regenerative culture in actions.

Support roles in actions

Practical guide explaining roles in our actions related to regenerative culture (produced by XR UK).

Non-violent communication

Deescalation handout for participants.

Debrief template

Document describe how you can organize your action debrief.

Arrestee support

Guide providings steps and structures for providing arrestee support.

Regenerative culture in meetings

Check-in & check-out

Document explaining these two elements that all meetings in XR should include.

Non-violent communication in meetings

Resource describing the importance of NVC and how to practice it.

Werkgids Veilige Gesprekken Faciliteren

(Dutch only) Overzicht van allerlei methoden die binnen Extinction Rebellion worden gebruikt om het gesprek aan te gaan en veilig te laten verlopen. Een lokale groep, community, of cirkel kan hierin op zoek gaan naar wat bij hen past in de betreffende situatie.


Action well-being training

Script for the training to support well-being roles during an XR action.

Action well-being training

Presentation for the training to support well-being roles during an XR action.

Regenerative culture in actions

Workshop with exercises to practice to regenerative culture in actions.