Telling the truth about the climate and ecological emergency is key for our mobilization. In order to reach a great number of diverse people we need to get in contact with a variety of communities — whether this is giving talks, giving leaflets or ringing them.

Key documents

Mobilizing in 2020

Our XR Nederland Outreach & Training Strategy this year.

Learning to present the truth

Heading for Extinction Talk - Guide to become a speaker.

Street outreach

Tips for effective street outreach

Learning to tell the truth

How to talk to people about XR (from XR UK).

Rebel Festival

Guide on how to organize your own Rebel Festival.

Setting up a street stall

This video recommends how to run a street stall (from XR UK).

Rebel Ringing

Starter pack on how to set up phone banking (from XR UK).

Marches & Rallies

This video gives advice how to organize mass street events.

Door knocking

This video from XR UK explains how to do a door knocking campaign (video from XR UK).


How to organise a talk

How to give the talk