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Rebel beyond Corona

Tools to take care of ourselves and each other during this difficult time, through regeneration, companionship, help or action

Organise actions

You can rebel! Find a collection of the most important resources to plan actions here

Start a group

Key resources for getting organised, as an AG, community or local group

All resources


All material you need for organizing a non-violent direct action.


Materials for telling the truth about the climate and ecological crises

Movement building

Materials for growing XR: in numbers, capacities and connections

Regenerative Culture

Resources for building up a robust and resilient system of deep care for each other


No action without arts: flyers, posters, banners with our distinguished visual design

Strategy & demands

Guideline documents on how to create political change


Resources for reaching the media by communicating our message effectively

Future of Democracy

Politics-as-usual failed: Documents about new democratic processes