At the core of our philosophy is non-violent civil disobedience. We promote civil disobedience and rebellion because we think it is necessary — we are asking people to find their courage and to collectively do what is necessary to bring about change.

Key documents

Planning an action

Guide empowering you to plan effectively a non-violent direct action.

Action consensus

Print-out document to which participants of an action subscribe to.

Action design

Template document with a check-list to design effectively an action.

Affinity groups

5 Reasons you need an Affinity Group

Watch this video to understand why everyone should be in an AG.

Forming an affinity group

Guide explaining how to form an AG.

Register your affinity group

Please register here your affinity group so action coordinators can get in contact with you.

Affinity Groups during the Springrebellion

Handout for AG during Lenterebellie (postponed until further notice).

Legal Support Team

Guide for people showing support at Police stations.

Legal information

Legal presentation slides

Legal and arrest NVDA

Document providing legal advice for people participating in action.

Right to protest in the Netherlands

Document (in Dutch) explaining the citizens' right to protest.

Become an earth protector

This helps to provide evidence that you are not a criminal but act from your conscience.

Regenerative culture in actions

Regenerative action cycle

A brief visualization how regenerative culture must be integrated in every XR action.

Regen before, during and after actions.

2-page document explaining how to embed regenerative culture in actions.


List of Dutch and English protest songs

Youtube channel of the klimaatkoor

XR NL chants and songs