Movement building

For a non-violent movement to win we need to grow: in our numbers, connections and capacities. Building a nationwide resilient, diverse movement that organizes effectively is crucial for us to have an impact.

Key Local Groups resources

How to start a new local group

Practical guide providing some useful tips for setting up a new XR group.

Essential resources for new local groups

Step-by-step information to get started.

Basics of organizing an action training

An easy as possible guide on how to organize an action training. Find a venue & trainer, publish and promote.

Rebel starter pack

Guide for new rebels on how to get involved.

Growing XR

A guide sharing strategies for effectively attracting and integrating new rebels.

Action Network guide

This guide explains how to use our data bank to keep new rebels involved by proactively inviting them to upcoming events, meetings and actions.

How we organise - Self organising system (SoS)

Organizing a XR group

In XR we organize differently than many of us are used to. Helpful recommendation how you can do this.

Roles and responsibilities

List with template roles that XR Nederland is using.


Finance in local groups

The rebellion needs funding. Guide with tips for local groups.

Community Building

Rebel Festival

Guide on how to organize your own Rebel Festival.

How to set-up an XR office

Guide from XR UK with helpful tips on setting up a local HQ.

Start an XRNL community group

This guide explains how you can set up an XR Nederland Community Group.

Existing XRNL community groups

XRNL community groups on our website.

Movement of movements

Movement of movements

Introduction video about how to connect with other movements