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Rebelling for life is more effective if you're organized. There are many ways to do this. The most important are in as a local XR group (existing or to be established), as an affinity group, or with a community that you are already part of. In this section you will find resources for all these different organizational forms.

Choose your type of group

Affinity groups

You and your friends, family, neighbours and colleagues want to get organised, or are organised and ready to take action! Affinity Groups (AGs) are the basic organising structure for any of XR’s action. They consist of 4-12 rebels that will take action together. Here you will find all you need to form an affinity group and/or successfully organize or join actions!

5 Reasons you need an Affinity Group

Watch this video to understand why everyone should be in an AG.

Organizing a XR group

In XR we organize differently than many of us are used to. Helpful recommendation how you can do this.

Planning an action

Guide to help you plan a non-violent direct action effectively.

Community groups

XR Nederland Community Groups are a way for existing and new rebels to connect and work together through communities of shared self-identity (for example, profession, hobbies, faith or sexuality) rather than of shared location. Is your community already engaged with XR and the climate and ecological crisis?

Start an XRNL community group

This guide explains how you can set up an XR Nederland Community Group.

Existing XRNL community groups

XRNL community groups on our website.

Organizing a XR group

In XR we organize differently than many of us are used to. Helpful recommendation how you can do this.

Existing XR NL Community Groups

Local groups

You are part of your local XR group. You are probably working on all sorts of things simultaneously: strategy, actions, outreach, regen, arts, and more. Whatever you are working on, you will find the most important existing resources on this page. We have organised many existing resources for you under 8 themes. Check out here which theme is relevant to you!


All the materials you need for organizing a non-violent direct action


How to the truth about the climate- and ecological crises

Movement building

Growing XR: in numbers, capacities and connections

Regenerative Culture

Resources for building up a robust and resilient system of deep care for each other


No action without arts: flyers, posters, banners with our distinguished visual design

Strategy & demands

How do we create political change?


Resources for reaching the media by communicating our message effectively

Future of Democracy

Politics-as-usual failed: Documents about new democratic processes