Future of Democracy

Decades of corporate lobbying and party politics have led to a climate and ecological emergency that poses an unprecedented existential threat to humanity and all life on Earth. "Politics as usual" is no longer an option. We believe our system needs a reconsideration and improvement of democratic processes.

Citizens Assemblies

XR NL Two-pager Citizens Assemblies

The basic outlines of a citizens assembly in the Netherlands according to Extinction Rebellion.

Research Synthesis

Synthesis of previous research on Citizens Assemblies.

Key talking points

Key talking points about Citizens Assemblies.

Citzens Assemblies FAQ

Answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding Citizens Assemblies

Local Citizens Assembly Guide

Guide for organising local Citizens' Assemblies (external resource)

Peoples Assemblies

People Assembly Manual

Guide for setting up a People Assemblies open deliberative sessions and explaining the difference to a a Citizen Assembly.

Case studies

Case Study Netherlands 2005

Case Study on Citizens Assembly performed in the Netherlands in 2005 on the electoral system.

Case Study Devon, UK

Case Study on a Citizens Assembly currently being developed in Devon (UK) on Climate neutrality.